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The Wild Beer Co
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Exporting to 22 countries and averaging annual growth of over 100% in its first 4 years, Wild Beer is one of the UK’s most creative breweries. Using barrel-aged wild fermentation to create complex flavours, Wild Beer pairs beer with food in a fusion of flavour through its bar/restaurants.

  • World-renowned, award-winning brewery that exports to 22 countries
  • Average over 100% annual growth in its first 4 years of trading
  • Wild fermentation & barrel ageing make complex & unusual flavours
  • Bar and restaurant ethos that pairs beer with food in a unusual fusion


This is the dream of Brett Ellis and Andrew Cooper, who, in 2012, created a brewery that thought Wildly Different, and that encouraged you to Drink Wildly Different. We have a passion for wild fermentation and barrel ageing to make beers with complexity and unusual flavour. We have helped create a market within the UK craft beer scene, have become world-renowned for what we do and now export to 22 countries.

This isn’t just about beer, it’s about challenging perceptions, creating a movement and battling against a tradition that says only pints are beautiful and quantity is more important than quality.

The funds contributed by our Wildly Different investors will not only shape the future of Wild Beer but allow us to continue pushing the boundaries of the beer industry.

Our Plan:

1 - Build a new, state of the art brewery

2 - Develop our current brewery, to enable us to lead the barrel ageing and wild beer category in the UK

3 - Develop our growing bar and restaurant business

Our aim is to stay at the forefront of the UK wild fermentation and barrel-ageing beer scene and enable us to continue growing our business, and the industry for many years.

In 2015 Draft Magazine the USA's leading craft beer magazine named Evolver one of its 25 beers of the year and in the same year Madness IPA was the winner of UK keg Beer of the Year.

Invest Wildly Different and help us build our new brewery.

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The Wild Beer Co

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