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Successfully funded
The Rattle
Pre-money valuation

The Rattle is a re-imagined co-working space & collective for founders in music. Over 100 artists, tech makers, and cultural pioneers have made The Rattle their home to develop their talents into thriving startups. The Rattle is expanding to LA with plans for NYC and backed by music & technology royalty.

  • Launched February 2018 after a successful Crowdcube Raise in 2017
  • Over 800 applications for membership with 100+ accepted
  • Backed by Imogen Heap & Brett Akker (Zipcar)
  • Over 300% growth in monthly revenue since Feb 2018 to £11,386


Music is the voice of culture and the digital world has changed how this works today. To commercially succeed, it takes 600,000 streams a month for an artist to earn minimum wage, but artists like Ryan Leslie & Amanda Palmer thrive culturally & financially by becoming founders of their own music companies to monetize their growing brand - not just selling their music.

To help this new movement thrive, The Rattle re-imagined a co-working incubator for this new breed of artist-entrepreneur. Based in East London, The Rattle provides community, facilities & mentorship to help artists become founders of companies. In 2019, The Rattle plans to expand on the success of 2018 by launching its own music management company and an accelerator program.

£250bn is generated by the creative industries for the UK economy. With the rising success of new platforms like Patreon, Spotify, and Pledge Music enabling artists to thrive outside of the traditional music industry, we aim to be the global grassroots startup community of artists and tech founder in music.

We're supported by cultural thought leaders and pioneering technology leaders like Robert Linney (Chemical Brothers), Paul Pacifico (AIM), Russell Lissack (Bloc Party), Steve Lewis (music mogul), Martin Gould (Sonalytic), and Benji Rogers (Pledge).

Last 11 months turnover £95,666, Net Loss of £28,039

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The Rattle

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