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The Chapar
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Backed by Joe Middleton, ex-President of Levi’s, The Chapar is a premium personal styling service for men, intended to reach a new type of consumer with the best brands, handpicked by stylists. The company has an average growth rate of 120% YOY and is disrupting the £10.2bn UK menswear market.

  • 2016 Sales £2.8mm with 120% YoY growth over 3 years
  • 146,500 members and 52 employees
  • Stocking 60 world-class brands such as Ralph Lauren & Calvin Klein
  • Run by experienced senior management and backed by Sir John Hegarty


The Chapar is a premium personal styling service for men. We eliminate the hassle of shopping for the modern male by doing it for them. Wear premium clothes without the hassle of trawling the Internet or the High Street.

1. Have a 10-minute phone call with a stylist.

2. Receive what they’ve chosen for you in 3 days.

3. Try on your selection of great picks at home.

4. Keep what you love and we’ll collect the rest for free.

5. Only pay for what you love and keep.

The Chapar concept originated from a father and son who believed that the way men buy clothes is fundamentally flawed. Frankly, men don’t like to shop. They don’t have time for shopping on the High Street and find shopping online overwhelming.

Joe Middleton, a veteran of the clothing industry knew there must be ‘a third way’ and The Chapar is it. Personalised outfits hand-delivered to your door.

The Chapar Man is serviced by a team of stylists who learn everything they need to know about their client. Clothes are selected according to a detailed profile and are tailored to suit your particular lifestyle. Described as an ‘amazing new service’ by The Telegraph, the business is proven: we have over 20,000 members and achieved sales of £2.8mm last year.

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The Chapar

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