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The Baobab Network
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The Baobab Network runs accelerator programmes that connect start-ups in Sub-Saharan Africa with consultants and investors around the world. Launched this year, the company has already run three programmes, working with teams from large corporates who seek professional development and to fulfil CSR.

  • Programmes have already had consultants from firms such as UBS and PwC
  • Global CSR spend est.$15.2bn, $130bn spent on professional development
  • African tech start-ups raised $186 million in funding last year
  • Offer investors and consultants contribution in Africa’s growth story
Information The Baobab Network founders will be hosting an event in London on Wednesday 9th November, for more details and to register your interest in attending, please go to this link:


The Baobab Network is building a community of start-ups, consultants and investors focused on driving growth and innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Projects started in 2016 and focus on four key markets:

1. Corporate Partners:

We coordinate teams of top-tier professionals around the world that have worked in consulting, finance, tech or big business, partnering with companies that focus a significant amount of budget on the following:

- Citizenship & Corporate Social Responsibility: $US15.2 billion allocated by Fortune 500 companies (source: FT, 2014)

- Professional Development: US$130 billion (source: Forbes, 2014)

- Intrapreneurship & Internal Innovation: c. US$8 billion (source: PWC, 2014).

2. Impact Consultants

A 2015 Escape the City survey suggested that 55% of people wanted to leave their employer because of ‘a lack of impact and meaning in their work’, which has also been a clear learning from our projects.

3. and 4. Start-Ups and Investors in Sub-Saharan Africa

Disrupt Africa (2015) estimates that 125 tech start-ups raised funding of some kind in 2015, with the total value of investments reaching nearly US$186 million. Outside of Africa, over US$15 Billion was committed in impact capital last year worldwide.

So far, we have run three successful programmes in Kenya, where twenty consultants have flown in from seven different countries to work with six different start-up companies.

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The Baobab Network

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