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TellJO's mission is to help the 25M people in the UK susceptible to vulnerability. TellJO's TrustTech platform acts as an intermediary between business and their vulnerable customers. With your investment, we are looking to develop "Team TellJO", helping us achieve sustainable but rapid growth.

  • One of the 1st to market a tool proactively identifying vulnerable customers
  • Bethnal Green Ventures are a supporting investor
  • Successful pilots completed in multiple industries
  • TellJO already utilised by 3 companies


TellJO believes that everyone will experience vulnerability at some point in their lives.

This could be anything from bereavement or divorce, through to over-indebtedness and poor mental health.

Left unsupported people experiencing vulnerability could move to crisis, such as homelessness or suicide.

The FCA state that 25M people in the UK could be susceptible to vulnerability, we want TellJO to be the catalyst to change the way organisations engage with their customers.

We believe that it is not socially acceptable to engage a collections process without first monitoring the wellbeing of your customer.

However, customers will rarely self-disclose what their support needs are.

TellJO solves this problem by acting as a trusted intermediary between organisations and their customers, via the TellJO digital self-assessment.

TellJO offers customers a voice, helping them to obtain self-help and explain to organisations what personal difficulties they are facing.

Improving vulnerability regulation supports TellJO's mission. for example, Ofwat has confirmed that all Water Utilities must have a vulnerability record of 7% (1.9M) of their base, this target cannot be achieved without innovation solutions, using tools like TellJO.

Backed by Bethnal Green Ventures and with your investment, we are looking to rapidly scale our 1st to market solution and develop the team behind TellJO.

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