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Symmetrical Power
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Symmetrical Power is developing an innovative solution addressing the issue of energy wastage. With a UK patent having been granted and a potential global market, Symmetrical Power will use your investment to advance their pioneering ID Board.

  • Shell Springboard 2018 regional finalist for new low-carbon ideas
  • Catapult has verified that phase balancing can improve efficiency.
  • Have held discussions with electrical supplier The Hager Group
  • UK Patents granted in September 2016


Our research indicates that 3 Phase Electrical Distribution Boards are inefficient; e.g. if the power usage is 99 amps, in theory, it should be divided equally 33 amps per phase, but we believe the existing boards in use cannot divide loads like this, resulting in excess energy usage & excessive CO2.

Symmetrical Power is in the process of creating the ‘Intelligent Distribution Board’ (ID Board) which aims to prevent the challenge of peak demand whilst saving on energy bills. Our intention is for the ID Board to offer enhanced versatility, safety, low maintenance costs & CO2 mitigation as a by-product.

We believe our ID Board will create a step-change in this industry & potential worldwide market which is expected to be valued at $5.91b by 2021.

We’ve created working models, received positive concept feedback from electrical specialists Erudite & Kewtech, produced CAD Designs for Manufacture & held discussions with a supplier of electrical solutions - Hager Group. We have independently verified through Catapult that phase balancing can improve efficiency & secured granted a UK patent & have made applications for EU & India.

Our goal is to create a sustainable future through efficient use of energy. Funds raised will help complete design & begin distribution in Europe, with the aim of positioning us as the go-to Distribution Board provider.

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Symmetrical Power

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