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SuperAger World UK
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SuperAger World plan a 1st to market app and brand to optimise healthy, happy and longer lives for the 50+ . The platform aims to enrich the lives of, and connect business to this demographic via a social platform & trusted brand, improving how we all age & live. MVP launch planned Q1 2020. AgeTech.

  • App-centric platform; multiple revenue stream capability
  • Global market estimated to grow to $15T by 2020
  • 50+ is the fastest growing & richest demographic
  • Population ageing 'called by some the most compelling business opportunity' Milken Inst.


We’re living longer, but crucially we're not living healthier in later life. Diseases of ageing can impact health, wellbeing & independence. Financial security is also at risk; many people will need to work longer, & businesses will need to optimise the health of older workforces. The 50+ want a full, healthy & enjoyable life, choosing definition by lifestyle, not age, & in our view there is a disconnect from current brands & marketing.

We see the need for a platform & brand to connect businesses to 50+ consumers & be a lifestyle hub for enriching lives. This is where SuperAger world comes in; we have designed an app-based brand empowering healthy & happy longevity with a USP of 'under one roof' knowledge & lifestyle content, personalised health/wellbeing pathways, market platform & gateways to suitable brands/products, access to experts, experiences & an optimised social network for the 50+. Multiple revenue streams have been identified, including advertising, subscriptions, in-app sales, commissions & events.

The 50+ represent both a solid, wealthy consumer market (50+ are the biggest/wealthiest/fastest growing demographic & dominate consumer spending) & a growing human capital resource . We have a B2B & B2C scalable business model & a strong team, with market research & completed wireframes. We are raising funds for the planned MVP build with launch & rollout from Q1 2020.

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SuperAger World UK

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