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Sunstone IP Systems
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Sunstone is a British tech company aiming to tackle real-world problems across a number of industries with ground-breaking technology. Our products provide surveillance and wireless telecommunications to the most remote locations while helping global organisations reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Providing efficient & clean technologies for high value industries
  • Patent pending innovations delivering remote surveillance & telecoms
  • Proven in the field with successful deployments in the UK & Eurasia
  • Winner at the Security and Fire Excellence Awards 2017


How do you provide security and communications systems in remote and harsh environments where there is little to no access to power? Posing that question, we believe we've identified gaps in many high-value markets. This led to the development of solutions that would not only create significant savings for our customers but also help reduce their CO2 emissions.

Our Solar IP CCTV System is designed for surveillance and telecommunications in remote locations. It has been successfully deployed in the UK and Eurasia. We are now developing the Solar Power Station, an on-site, clean power data and telecommunications centre. All our products are solar-powered, easy to deploy and reliable.

From busy British motorways to the harsh conditions of Eurasia, we target a wide range of industries bound by a deep need for innovation. Recently, off the back of the Paris Agreement, the $1.7tn global oil industry has been pushed toward using renewable energy. The £10bn UK telecommunications industry struggles to provide Internet and 3G mobile signal to some rural parts of the country and the growing construction market is searching for a way to power sites while reducing carbon footprint.

By aiming to solve these problems, we have secured a number of high profile global clients. We're now fundraising to accelerate growth and capitalise on existing commercial opportunities.

Disclosure: Loans Exist

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Sunstone IP Systems

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