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Successfully funded
Sun Harvester
Pre-money valuation

Sun Harvester has designed and developed a battery storage system that stores clean energy to power homes. Mobile versions provide clean and low-cost electricity to remote off-grid regions or disaster relief areas.

  • Export sales to Africa already achieved
  • Two current orders from an organisation with 21 International locations
  • A Nine-month trial of a 6kwh system for a UK commercial client successfully completed
  • UK Manufacturing facility established


The Sun Harvester technology can be utilised for many applications, offering low carbon or off-grid solutions worldwide. From mobile domestic energy saving & vehicle charging to scalable mini-grid systems.

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are revolutionising the way we harness clean renewable energy.

Sun Harvester have designed and developed a battery storage system that offers a solution to storing free low carbon renewable energy in powerful compact modular units.

Sun Harvester have successfully installed the system for a UK client that harvests energy from a vehicle mounted solar array and the vehicle alternator.

UK Energy storage

Our technology enables UK domestic or commercial consumers to store electricity they self- produce, therefore they no longer need to purchase as much energy from the grid.

Mobile units

Sun Harvester have exported portable power units for vehicle mounted systems used by a medical outreach service. We have supplied product to Kenya and Malawi.

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Sun Harvester

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