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Stericile ltd
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Stericile Ltd is a chemical R&D company who have scientifically created a disinfectant which can help combat the epidemic of Hospital Acquired Infections. Its products are designed for the healthcare market and they have secured a UK national supplier who currently supplies over 15,000 customers.

  • Over £400,000 spent on creating one unique chemical solution
  • Passed all NHS Fraise tests for Clostridium Difficile (C.Diff)
  • More than 4 years in development
  • Passed all independent tests carried out by Blutest Laboratories Ltd


We believe that we have achieved one of the biggest technological advancement in the peracetic acid market in 50 years. Our solution has been designed to be safe to touch but without lowering its killing ability, it's also an effective surface cleaner and has a pleasant lemon scent.

We are seeking investment to grow our production capacity for our proven and tested disinfectants designed for the UK healthcare and global disinfectant markets. It is currently estimated in the UK alone that over 300,000 people suffer from a Hospital Acquired Infection which lead to almost 9,000 premature deaths.

Our unique scientific formulation has created a "one product does all" universal disinfectant Spray, Floor Cleaner and Surface Wipe which replaces the need for multiple cleaning products, as our solution kills all known hospital viruses & bacteria.

We have secured a UK national supplier who currently supply over 15,000 healthcare customers with less effective products. These customers include care-homes, medical centres, dentist & doctor surgeries and more.

We believe our products are needed within the healthcare market, not only because they simplify the sanitation process for the nurses and cleaners but also due to its competitive price which would create massive savings when compared to market leaders currently being used.

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Stericile ltd

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