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Splash Wines
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Splash is a U.S. direct-to-consumer wine marketer focused on cutting through the clutter of a growing, yet confusing market. Splash provides members with transparent pricing, great value, and top quality customer service. The best part? It's working. Splash has realized early stage profitability.

  • $20M in Revenue in just over 3 years--$8m in 2017 with EBITDA of $262k
  • Profitable after just 10 months--30 straight months as of March 2018
  • 60,000 Customers in the USA
  • Company is incorporated and based in the USA
Information The progress bar above includes £349,050 investment raised via a concurrent offering being conducted abroad. Investments are for a beneficial interest in equity in this US-based company that will be held on behalf of Investors by a Nominee. Investors agree to Investment Agreement and its accompanying exhibits in the documents section below. The Investment Agreement contains certain representations and warranties to Splash Wines Inc. See the Investment FAQ's and Legal Explanation Document for more details including exchange rate explanation. Investors should seek their own tax advice regarding investment in US securities.


Of course, it has to start with the wine. If you can't get good wine to the consumer, nothing else matters. We provide:

- A curated selection of fewer than 200 rotating wines from all over the planet

- An ability for customers to build their own case (wines start at $7 per bottle) or choose a rotating selection of seasonal curated cases ranging from $105 to $200 for 15 bottles

- Transparent Pricing: just 15% above our cost

How is Splash able to offer this value? It's because of our unique membership model (members join on a complimentary basis and migrate to a paid model at a low annual fee) that gives them access to the site with all its benefits. This gives our customer:

- Access to our inventory

- Transparent pricing just 15% above our cost

- Shipping included with membership orders

- Membership starts at just $6 per month

It is this last point that we often consider our most important point of difference - fanatical customer service. Splash focuses on retaining the customer. We do this through:

- Weekly team tastings to increase wine knowledge

- Empowering all team members to solve any problems

- Guaranteeing every single bottle we ship meets our customer's satisfaction

- Providing easy access to our customer service

We acquire members at a profit (roughly 8%) enabling us to focus on customer retention. Our efforts lead us to customer satisfaction (91% on Groupon).

The company has loans.

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Splash Wines

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