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KogoPAY is a start-up fintech mobile payment firm aiming to offer fast, easy & affordable local & international money transfer through a smartphone App. Operating in multiple currencies, it enables consumers, travellers & small traders to send or receive money via a phone number or a simple QR scan.

  • Active within the fast growing $3.5 trillion mobile payment market
  • UK FCA licence since 2016; final stage for EU EMI licence
  • 1000 customers signed up and £2m transferred during trial period
  • Selected to join Mayor of London Business & Partners Accelerator


Many people around the world are catching onto the speed and convenience of mobile banking but we believe that money transfer services have not caught up. International payments can take days, with fees eating up to 10% of the amount sent.

KogoPAY is a Fintech company providing a mobile payment app that enables instant and affordable transactions between Europe and Asia, as well as local transfers using wallet to wallet and QR code payments.

With KogoPAY, users do not have to pay high banking fees or suffer the inconvenience of having banks hold their funds for days for international payments.

With its strong connections in Europe and Asia, KogoPAY provides a service that is designed to stand out from competitors. KogoPAY has a offices in both London and Bangkok and has strategic business partnerships with fully compliant businesses for faster payment services.

We see that KogoPAY is designed for ease of use which means it is well-positioned to get government attention as they look for solutions to address small merchants, self-employed, and homeless people who are not able to use payment options that require debit or credit cards, bank accounts and high-cost transaction fees.

This funding round will help to execute rollout across Europe and Asia in 2020 (KogoPay app is in the final stages of testing API) and investing in improved efficiency and customer service using AI.

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