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Smart Property
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Smart Property's experienced team have taken their knowledge of HMO's to create a brand that offers high quality, tech smart rooms to young people. With a gross margin of 58% the company is projecting revenues of £415,000 over the next 12 months.

  • They are committed to improve the standard of house shares
  • Management agreements have been signed for 3-7 years
  • 25 rooms are currently under management
  • Nick and Andy both built their own portfolios before Smart Property


Smart Property's research suggests there is a growing market of house sharing and therefore a potential market opportunity. They're operating across a number of cities and have aspirations to develop a national brand offering high quality, tech-smart rooms to young people. Driven by a commitment to improve the standard of house shares and property management services across the UK, Smart Property have developed homes and moulded them to suit the preferences of young professionals.

The process is simple, and happens in 3 easy steps...

1) They offer private landlords a long term, hands off rent agreement - which reduces rent uncertainty for the landlord with one guaranteed monthly payment and complete assurance over management for between 3-7 years.

2) Smart Property oversee the design and refurbishment of the property into a smarter home for sharers.

3) They rent the refurbished home out on a room by room basis, offering all bills inclusive living solutions, for working sharers.

Their research suggests it is more profitable than traditional high street management. By the end of year 3, Smart Property anticipate having 1,500 rooms under long term management agreements.

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Smart Property

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