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&SISTERS is a feminine care company with a conscience. They’ve sold over 225,000 certified organic cotton period products, direct to over 300 customers (22% repeat order rate) and through retailers, as well as 1,500+ nüdie period cups. Raising to turbocharge their expansion and product roadmap.

  • &SISTERS is a key innovator in the £25 billion global femcare market
  • Planning to launch new paper wrapped naked tampon® in January 2020
  • Organic cotton tampons, pads & liners are biodegradable, non-GMO & vegan
  • The reusable nüdie cup saves an estimated 2k period products going to landfill


Mother & daughter team, Claire & Lucy, are on a mission to change the femcare industry by designing products that are better for the body, our planet & womankind. A woman uses an average of 11K period products in her lifetime & most are unaware that the majority of mainstream products are laden with chemicals and/or plastic. With few alternative options, choice has been limited. Currently, organic cotton period products account for roughly 9% of the £249m UK market. As women become more health & eco-conscious, &SISTERS potential for growth is huge.

&SISTERS products are hypoallergenic, pH-neutral & free from chlorine, pesticides & perfumes. The nüdie period cup, 18 months in development, includes a unique Teen version. Organic cotton uses 91% less water & 62% less energy than conventional cotton. Believing no woman should be held back by virtue of their gender, we've vowed to donate 10% of our profits to tackling period poverty and creating a better future for women.

Retail Listings including: Feel Unique, Planet Organic, Farmdrop, As Nature Intended, Triyoga, Eden Project

Export to: Europe, Asia, North America & Australia.

This is an opportunity to invest in the future of our planet to lessen our impact & spread a more conscious way of managing periods. Your funds will help grow our product range, hire great people, increase awareness & drive sales. We'd love you onboard. Period

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