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Seadog TV & Film Productions
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Seadog was founded in 2015 to create compelling television and online content that sells to a global market. In just over two years of operation it has doubled its annual turnover to £1.44 million, and is raising to expand its team and engage with significant market players like Netflix & Amazon.

  • The company achieved a 117% increase in turnover from 2016 to 2017
  • Two major series have been filmed for Channel 4 during this time
  • The team has decades of experience in the industry
  • Best Factual Series nominee, Royal Television Society Awards 2018


Seadog creates television programmes for broadcast and commercial online content. The company has also developed a universal training system - called Leaderbox - utilising video content and practical skills, that addresses leadership training in the corporate and education sectors.

The company is part of a UK British media industry currently valued at £7.5bn. Online broadcaster Netflix has announced its intention to grow original programming spend by a third in 2018.

With the successful filming of two series for Channel 4, Seadog is now in dialogue with all five major UK television channels concerning future projects.

Seadog are in negotiation with a significant industry partner who may adopt Leaderbox as their training system of choice. An endorsement is also being considered by the Institute of Leadership and Management (the ILM).

The team has grown from four to thirteen in the two years of the company’s existence, and combines young production talent with industry veterans. This has created over thirty new series currently in development for pitching, with four current projects of interest to the major channels.

Pillars for further growth include:

Recruiting a commercial / branded-content specialist

Funding development of further programme and series

Exploring global sales for Seadog series

Targeting major online channels e.g. Netflix & Amazon

Investing in IT and our Finance team

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Seadog TV & Film Productions

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