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Launched in 2017, CoachBot is award-winning software for developing managers and teams. On-demand, digital and scalable; clients including Natwest & Siemens reported a 22% performance improvement after 6 months with CoachBot. Raising funds to develop faster within the $220 billion L&D marketplace.

  • Saberr’s products have been used by over 37,000 people
  • 22% increase in team performance after using CoachBot for 6 months
  • Most innovative new learning technologies product (2018 Silver Award)
  • Current investors include world famous coaches & CEOs of $bn companies


Saberr was founded in 2013 after Alistair Shepherd studied startup team failure at Harvard. Surprisingly, 65% of failures were attributed to team dynamics. This was the inspiration behind Saberr, a company to help teams work well together.

In the first 3 years, Saberr’s founding team successfully launched Base, a team profiling tool. Early clients included Thomson Reuters and Deloitte and we were featured in the likes of The Guardian, BBC, and HBR.

We believe that while many companies want to recruit well, more want to improve existing teams. With business moving to remote and agile work and learning budgets shifting online, we saw a gap for a digital, bite-sized coaching tool and in 2017 CoachBot was born.

CoachBot provides on-demand coaching for managers to achieve happier, high performing teams. It makes meetings easier to manage and provides data to analyse performance at a company level.

To date, customers have reported:

- 22% performance increase

- 43% improvement in psychological safety

- 12% increase in employee engagement within 6 months

Current clients include Natwest, KPMG, Siemens.

The L&D market is worth over $240bn/year and with 59% of companies increasing digital learning spend there’s no sign of slowing. With funding we aim to integrate CoachBot with Slack & Microsoft Teams and open a US sales office, the biggest market for HR tech.

Join us in building the future of work.

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