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Successfully funded
Risksave Technologies
Pre-money valuation

Created by risk professionals and driven by technology, RiskSave are building an investment platform for the future. Bringing institutional quality risk management to everyday investors, RiskSave are seeking investment for expansion, to further develop their IT systems and to hire senior staff.

  • Using a first-principles approach to portfolio construction
  • Low cost of operations due to lack of legacy systems
  • Funding will be used to develop technology and hire senior staff
  • Aiming for a unique proposition in rapidly growing robo-advice market
Information The company had £150,000 of its SEIS allowance remaining at the start of this raise. This will be allocated to investors on a first come first served basis. Any investments made after that limit has been exceeded will not be SEIS eligible but will potentially be eligible for EIS. The potential tax relief of any investment will be confirmed by email to investors, after they have submitted their applications to invest, and will depend on an investor's individual circumstances.


RiskSave aims to offer low-cost transparent investing for all, creating a tailored, globally-diversified and optimised portfolio using cutting edge risk management techniques previously only available to the largest institutions.

For many individuals, account minimums and transaction fees have made advice either unaffordable or unobtainable. The financial industry generally does not have a great solution for smaller accounts. Traditional financial advisors have a limited amount of time, and it is hard to scale a business model serving a few low-asset clients. Our solution avoids this while incorporating more advanced risk management.

Aiming to be relatable and empathetic. Even though technology is used to serve many, the branding, story and vision is human. An impersonal branch experience can be improved with a strong message and a value-add product.

RiskSave was founded by Dan Tammas-Hastings to investigate potential developments to Modern Portfolio Theory (developed in 1952) and to see whether 60 years later, in a vastly different world, with a new investment universe and a better understanding of risk, new frameworks could be developed to improve outcomes for investors. After testing Dan’s ideas, Dan and Simon Cullen joined Europe’s largest FinTech hub Level 39 as RiskSave to develop within the ecosystem hiring experienced technologist Dmitri Grabov to complete the team.

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Risksave Technologies

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