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Rise Art
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Rise Art is a curated online gallery. They scour the globe looking for the best art from the best artists. In 2017 Rise Art grew almost 2x with £1m in sales. The online art market is growing at an estimated 15% CAGR. Join art and luxury investors backing Rise Art's growth & expansion into Asia.

  • Rise Art connects artists with art lovers worldwide
  • The £48bn art market is moving online at 15% CAGR worth £6.3bn by 2023
  • Over £1m of orders in 2017, a 2x uplift YOY. 63% gross margin 
  • Over £575k raised at the same valuation as of May 1st 2018


We founded Rise Art with a mission: to revolutionise how people find and buy art.

Selecting the very best artists. Our curators scour the globe for exceptional talent. In 2017 we reviewed 20,000 artists and accepted less than 3% onto the platform

Using the latest technology to help people discover, buy and collect great art. We’ve used AI and consumer psychology to develop personalised recommendations

Customer experience. Our ‘try-before-you-buy’ art rental system lets you road test a piece of art at home or in your office, & you can speak to our curators at any time for free

We want to be the online gallery that discovers the most extraordinary artists from around the world, making great art accessible to everyone. We're now raising capital in order to grow our customer base and expand into Asia, where we see huge market potential.

Recent Results and Traction

2017 order value up nearly 100% YOY to £1,032,000 (Revenue £581,216, GP 63%, Net Loss £706,491)

Launch of the Rise Art Prize, a global art prize with over 40 press features including the Financial Times, reaching 6m

Begin Asia Expansion: pop-ups, and media events in Hong Kong

A consistent 5 star review on 3rd party review site

The Market

The £48bn art market is increasingly moving online, with spend online forecasted to grow 15% CAGR annually to over £6.3bn in 2023. Asia remains one of the fastest growing regions.

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Rise Art

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