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Resilience Energy Technology
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Pre-money valuation

Resilience aims to become the Uber of the electricity industry, turning UK homes into personal power stations by enabling homeowners to produce, store and sell renewable energy via a managed service & app. Our modelling shows that users may be able to reduce their energy bills by up to 80%.

  • Aims to offer tech-facilitated energy self-sufficiency for consumers
  • Future-proofed as designed to integrate with new emerging tech
  • Platform/app demo at BRE Innovation Park open to investors
  • Preparing for electric vehicles & charge points: 9m est. sales by 2030


We aim to be the largest decentralised renewable energy generator, giving customers the hardware, software & contracts they need to generate and store energy and an app to monitor performance.

Our system is designed to maximise homeowner savings and revenue, selling electricity on the spot market and excess battery capacity to the National Grid.

Kiwi Power will give us access to the fast frequency response market without a minimum energy requirement. Meanwhile, our self-aggregating nearest competitor will be unable to share revenue with customers until they’ve reached around 500 installs.

We plan to be able to monitor systems in real-time to spot faults in advance and our future-proofed system is designed to integrate emerging tech (e.g. heat pumps, electric vehicle (EV) chargers and electric panel heaters).

We’ll seek to develop sales channels with housing providers and constructors, energy suppliers, and EV & charge point manufacturers, and use any new funds to hire a specialist sales manager.

We’ll target the 23m detached, semi-detached and terraced UK homes that used traditional energy suppliers in 2017, self and custom build properties (forecasted to grow 41% by 2020) and the 800k homes with solar PV panels.


£12k Virgin Startup Loan secured

Partnerships: BRE, Plug In Solar, GB-Sol, Powervault & Kiwi Power

2 sales agreements reached, 5 pipelined for 2018

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Resilience Energy Technology

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