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ReCircle Recycling
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The ReCircle appliance for home or business will sort, wash, and grind recycling into pure materials before selling it to manufacturers to turn back into its original product. We have designed and patented the system, now we need investment to develop the prototype.

  • International patents filed to protect market access & more identified
  • Closed-loop system increases the purity and value of materials
  • Team of world-leading technology developers
  • Close relationship with Swansea University


Waste has reached a crisis point. There will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050, it’s estimated, yet 91% of plastic isn’t recycled and over half of everything we put in recycling bins end up in a landfill. In their pure form, recyclables are very valuable but are costly to separate when mixed.

ReCircle’s appliance for home or business will transform the way societies value materials by offering the worlds first 100% closed-loop recycling solution.

ReCircle's sensors will ensure that plastics, metals, etc. are kept separate before they’re washed, ground and compacted into pure recycled materials. We’ll then empty the containers, reimbursing the owner for the weight of materials gathered.

We’ve designed the system, selected the components, and worldwide patents are filed. Now we need your investment to build the prototype and take ReCircle to market.

The recycling market is predicted to grow by 66% between 2015-2020, reaching roughly $35bn, shifting manufacturers towards using recycled materials, particularly plastics ‒ a market estimated to be worth $50.36 billion globally by 2022.

To give us the best start, we intend to launch in California. The state has some of the highest recycling rates in the US, an established bottle deposit system, as well as bonus payments for processors of high purity plastic flake and beneficiated glass cullet.

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ReCircle Recycling

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