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Rebel Book Club Limited
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Rebel Book Club is a growing subscription business of 600 active members who have read 52 books over 4 years. Every month they deliver 1 non-fiction book and host a secret meetup featuring a book-inspired cocktail. They're now ready to build the best non-fiction book club in the world. Join them!

  • 600 > Paying Members in London, Bristol, Oxford, Barcelona & Berlin
  • Meetups at Airbnb HQ, Entrepreneur First and WeWork
  • 130 > average number of new applications received monthly since Jan 19'
  • 62% > of our members state that their reading habits have improved


We couldn't find any book clubs that felt like a good fit for us so we created our own. In May 2015 we read 'Happiness by Design' and met with 15 members on the rooftop in London.

You absorb and learn what you're reading much more effectively when you know you'll be talking about it. Rebel Book Club makes you accountable.

Over the last 4 years we've built up a great community of like minded thinkers, who love reading and exploring new concepts and ideas.

We've held meetups at Airbnb HQ, Entrepreneur First, WeWork, in underground bars, parks, and even in the Moroccan mountains.

We've collaborated with authors who have attended our meetups (or via video) including Matthew Syed (Rebel ideas), Kate Raworth (Doughnut Economics), Seth Godin (This is Marketing), Ryan Holiday (Ego is the Enemy), Laura Whateley (Money), Jamie Bartlett (The Dark Net), and Ramita Navai (City of Lies).

We've built our paid membership to over 600 members and now our goal is to build the world's best non-fiction book club by:

1. Growing an awesome membership experience in several global cities.

2. Building a reading coach (think Calm/Headspace/Strava) to help people improve their reading habits and connect with others.

3. Supporting literacy projects.

Knowledge empowers. Let's spread it!

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To see the rest of the Rebel Book Club Limited pitch, join now.
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Rebel Book Club Limited

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