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Propifi Capital
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Pre-money valuation

Propifi is launching an online Peer-2-Peer property crowdfunding platform that combines leading-edge technology with an experienced team in property finance to solve the shortage of credit availability for developers, and provides access to high return growth opportunities for property investors.

  • Led by an experienced management team
  • A combo of FinTech, Property and Lending – trending investment sectors
  • A disruptive tech roadmap, typified by the crypto enabled Propifi app
  • Launching in an unsaturated, growing UK market currently worth £4.5bn.
Information The company has reduced its valuation from £15m pre-money to £8.3m pre-money. Please see the forum update for more detail.


Propifi has assembled a team with years of experience in Property Finance and Technology to bring a new, easy to use, peer to peer commercial lending platform to market, providing much-needed bridging finance for customers with an aim to deliver high returns of 8-12% for investors on the platform.

Propifi is founded specifically to cater to the massive demand for bridging finance in the UK, and to satisfy the increasing appetite for P2P property finance in the face of stagnating traditional lending channels. Our specialist team have been carefully selected in a market made up of 30 other key bridging lenders.

We also aim to be not just lenders but project managers. We want to go beyond the brief and we have vast experience of getting deals agreed. Each and every development opportunity listed will be expertly qualified by our management panel.

We’re seeking funding to enable us to execute against the year 1 plan:

• FCA Registration

• Web, App and Platform Development

• Legal costs

• Operational overhead for 12 months

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

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To see the rest of the Propifi Capital pitch, join now.
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Propifi Capital

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