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Pomodoro e Basilico
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Pomodoro e Basilico has a popular vegan artisan food stall, a loyal following and has been featured by celebrity chefs and by major news outlets. They’re now raising investment to launch London’s first Italian, Vegan Deli-Bistro and to continue to innovate within the growing plant-based market.

  • The number of vegans in Britain has risen by 360% in 10 years to 542k
  • The team and business have over 15k social media followers
  • Multiple active revenue streams
  • Sara, CEO, has been featured in the Times, Metro amongst others
Information There have been some changes to personnel whilst the pitch is live. Please see the relevant update in the forum for more information. The company had £150,000 of its SEIS allowance remaining at the start of this raise. This will be allocated to investors on a first come first served basis. Any investments made after that limit has been exceeded will not be SEIS eligible but will potentially be eligible for EIS. The potential tax relief of any investment will be confirmed by email to investors, after they have submitted their applications to invest, and will depend on an investor's individual circumstances.


At the heart of our business is a popular vegan deli-bistro, born with the aim to fill a gap in the market for great, Italian inspired, vegan delis. We have a strong and loyal customer base with some celebrity support and significant media exposure. It’s now time to open our first fixed premises in the heart of London.

Previously a sole trader, we’ve been making our Italian-inspired vegan food since 2014, selling in food markets, retail, festivals and online. We host popular supper clubs, provide catering and have built a loyal customer base here and in the USA. Keeping up with the demand for our online products can be a positive challenge.

Earlier in 2017, we were the sole representative at two popular vegan festivals in LA and Chicago, each reported to have attracted over 10k people. We hosted a supper club with an internationally best-selling cooking writer in New York City. We've been featured in several mainstream media outlets such as the Sunday Times and Metro amongst others. Specialist interest has seen us appear in Vegetarian Living, a cookbook by K & G Caldesi, and a variety of popular blogs.

Our social media presence is strong and growing, with over 11k Instagram followers and almost 4,000 on Facebook. Support on Twitter and Etsy is also growing, aided by support from influencers including acclaimed vegan chefs and other celebrities.

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Pomodoro e Basilico

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