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Playfinder is on a mission to make it easier for everyone to play sport and to help venues fill spare capacity. With 100k monthly visits & relationships with the largest operators of facilities in the UK, Playfinder has generated £1.6m in bookings in the last year through the platform/app.

  • Playfinder is a leader in what we calculate is a £2.4bn underserved market
  • Consumers love us: 83% repeat booking rate, 91% users rate us 4 or 5* 
  • Booking growth at an average of 8.5% month on month since Jan 2018
  • 550+ venues with 625 in pipeline; industry 1st Search by Time function


We believe in the power of sport to help people lead healthier, happier lives.

The recreational sports industry is far behind the digital expectations of consumers, who are keen on social, active elements of playing sport, but face the barrier of facilities being difficult & time-consuming to book.

We are actively improving access to sport.

We take the hard work out of organising so that our users can get out and play. Our app offers access to the best sports facilities with the simplest user experience.

Our audience is the 16m sports players in the UK, from busy urban millennials to club teams & coaches organising their next match/session. We have over 4192 partner facilities on our site & an estimated 4600 in the pipeline.

In FY '18 EBITDA: -£603k & GMV booking volume of £902k. In Jan-Sep.'19: -£684k EBITDA & GMV of £1.2m.In Oct' 2019 we received 100k visits.

Our heartland is London but we'll be accelerating our expansion to 14 UK cities, aiming to become part of the national infrastructure in the same way Trainline is for booking trains.

Now our focus is opening up clubs and schools with our booking system; the largest market with 32,000 venues, but the least online access. We'll be introducing the booking of activities & sessions on the platform in 2020, giving us access to a £2.7bn market. We want to encourage more people to get active & feel the power of play through Playfinder.

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