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Successfully funded
Pre-money valuation

Playerhunter is a networking & scouting platform for the next generation of football stars. The aim is to empower 265 million football players globally and disrupt a €400bn a year market by creating the leading platform that provides equal and fair opportunities to everyone. "LinkedIn for Sports".

  • Backed by >20 experienced business angels who invested €1.3million
  • More than 80,000 users and enjoying a 4.4* rating on GooglePlay
  • Selected to the prestigious Virgin Start-Up accelerator program
  • Playerhunter is based and incorporated in Austria


With 265m footballers worldwide, football is huge. However far too many players don’t get the visibility they deserve. Without visibility how are they ever going to get noticed by clubs and scouts? The fact is that many footballers are over dependent upon personal contacts and whilst this may be fine for top tier professionals, it just doesn’t work for the vast majority.

Playerhunter is a tailor-made networking and scouting platform, where football players can easily upload their own profiles, video libraries of their skills and share their career highlights in order to be seen and discovered by scouts and clubs around the world. We want to unite the entire football community by bringing all key stakeholders on one dedicated platform.

We're empowering millions of footballers to fulfill their dreams and disrupting a €400bn market.

So far we have

- Proven concept with user base of over 80k users

- Received endorsement from Premier League players

- Awarded Global Top #50 Most Innovative Sports Brands by HYPE, winner of Belgrade Venture Forum

We’re raising funds to

- Grow to 1m users in 2019

- Develop platform to the next level

- Ramp up monetisation

Why invest?

- Market potential of 265m footballers

- Scalable business model

- ROI potential - compare our Cost of Acquisition (~€1 per user) with exit valuations of some established networks (~€100 p/u)

The company has loans.

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