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Picfair is aiming to revolutionise the photography industry - helping a new generation of photographers make money from their images. Backed by world-renowned angel investors, Picfair has attracted over 35,000 photographers from over 130 countries.

  • Over 6 million images uploaded. 35k photographers. 130 countries.
  • Angel investors including Alexis Ohanian & Pete Davies (Lansdowne)
  • Working with NatGeo, Guardian & many other well-known brands
  • Multiple revenue streams: licenses, assignments, and more to come


Picfair is building the world’s photography store. With 35,000 photographers from across the world already signed up, we’ve created a simple way for any photographer to license their images to any business, anywhere, at a price they set. We add 20% on top of every sale, and that’s it.

Before Picfair, the status quo of image licensing was closed and unfair to the vast majority of photographers - the exponentially-growing “amateur” photography community was excluded altogether, and the few photographers who were allowed in would lose a large portion of their royalties to middlemen.

We’ve blown open the supply-side of the market to a new generation of photographers, and have already helped “amateurs” sell images onto the front pages on international publications and into global marketing campaigns.

And image licensing is only the beginning. By the end of 2018, Picfair's platform will enable photographers to make money through multiple additional streams - developing ways for photographers to sell prints to their networks and receive photography commissions across the globe, simply and fairly. We’re building a platform for the photographers of the future - from amateurs to professionals - to turn their creativity into income.

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To see the rest of the Picfair pitch, join now.
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