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Pedal Me
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Operational in London for 2.5 years, Pedal Me use high-tech e-assist cargo bikes, bespoke high-capacity trailers and highly trained riders to out-compete motors in urban areas, providing the sustainable delivery & taxi services urgently needed for 21st century cities. Our time is now. Help us grow.

  • Unable to keep up with increasing demand due to lack of resource
  • Strong MoM growth in a market worth >£1 billion in London alone
  • Cities are actively reducing motor usage - we are a reliable solution
  • Trips have 90%+ less CO2 compared w/ vans, taxis or electric vehicles


Cycle logistics is coming - cities all over the world need fast, convenient, low-carbon solutions to their congestion problems. We believe we're the best at it, carrying the biggest loads due to our bikes and bespoke trailers, City and Guilds assured training and professional processes.

We offer a solution which can out-compete motors in car-centric cities, & thrive when bike friendly measures like bike lanes are introduced. Faster. Cheaper. Cleaner. We push to be ahead of the curve in city logistics & are ready to help cities transition.

We started trading in April '17 with 2 bikes and 1 FTE staff (2 x part time staff). Today we have 32 bikes and 36.5 FTE staff (45 staff total).

In just one year since our last crowdfund, our estimated monthly C02 saving has increased by 108% to over 4 tonnes, the size of our fleet has increased from 12 bikes to 32 bikes (with another 10 on the way in November), our monthly number of jobs done has increased by 150% to nearly 3000 and our total distance travelled each month has increased 108% 16598km. Our monthly revenue growth since launch as has averaged 19% MoM (CMGR) (Sept '19 £64,881; EBITDA -£16,823).

We need more funding to expand our fleet; keep improving our tech & keep pace with demand - with the vision being for development of staff, scale & processes in London in 2020 before expansion to other cities in 2021.

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Pedal Me

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