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PathCloud Ltd
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PathCloud has developed and tested one of the first scalable clinical diagnostics management platforms, to simplify how clinicians access the fragmented, multi-billion pound world of diagnostic tests and data. We are now preparing the system to scale.

  • Almost 1bn diagnostics tests are delivered annually in the UK, an estimated value of £15bn
  • Software is developed and live tested, with confirmed demand
  • 92 registered clinicians, with partner networks of 20k clinicians
  • Previous investment of £920,000 received
Information PathCloud has raised £45,000 prior to launching their campaign on Crowdcube which is represented on the progress bar for clarity. This investment is on the same terms as offered to Crowdcube investors, of which, £8,000 has been drawn down by the company.


PathCloud’s vision is to organise the world's clinical diagnostics resources and data to make them securely accessible and beneficial.

We believe that with almost 1 billion diagnostics tests delivered annually in the UK and Information fragmentation across the industry, poor cohesion and volumes are causing missed clinical opportunities and enormous wastage.

Structured within its transaction-based revenue model charged to the provider of the service, PathCloud's consolidated diagnostics hub and software gives clinicians and patients a single interface to access all diagnostics procedures and pathways, which also allows highly secure patient diagnostics record interoperability.

PathCloud centralises diagnostics reports and imaging data towards decision support and innovation opportunities.

Since 2016 PathCloud has researched the industry and developed and live-tested the software. We currently have access to 20k clinicians through partner networks, 92 Registered clinicians, 1k further expressions of interest, &a network across 48 counties - National UK coverage, 3500+ Diagnostics tests registered, 100+ Providers and 10,000+ Patients through partner telemedicine networks

These funds raised will be used to achieve a critical mass of diagnostics supplier agreements towards our scaling objective, pursue telemedicine networks, and expand efforts towards the NHS and international markets.

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PathCloud Ltd

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