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Paradym is an emotional intelligence (EI) coaching app. It believes EI is the pillar of happiness and wellness, and is a proven component of success. It is obsessed with people living their fullest, happiest lives. Paradym's way: Emotional intelligence. Coaching. Community.

  • Relationships: WeWork Labs (300k members), Startups: Quiqup (Series A) & The Family (1bn portfolio)
  • Developed own IP with pHd psychologist candidate: emotional intelligence program
  • Existing community of 400+ global users since launch in November 2018 with 0 marketing spend
  • Global userbase: 46% US, 41% UK, 9% Canada, 3% Australia, 2% South Africa
Information Paradym has raised £250,000 prior to launching their campaign on Crowdcube which is represented on the progress bar for clarity. This investment is on the same terms as offered to Crowdcube investors. £42,000 will be spent during the course of the campaign


Imagine knowing yourself so profoundly that you understood your core values and what kind of life would make you happy. Imagine knowing yourself so acutely that you could manage your moods, stay calm and even pull yourself out of a bad day. Imagine understanding your lover so well that he/she doesn’t need to verbally tell you how he/she is feeling, or understanding your team so well, you could help them flourish. This is Emotional Intelligence. “The skills associated with EI...promote both personal growth and wellbeing” - Yale Center for EI.

Paradym is a tool to acquire those skills. We guide you through a structured process and ask questions to challenge your perspective. There are 3 stages: I) self awareness II) focused growth on a chosen topic: love, success, body, identity III) Community: peer, therapist or coach support.

We have 2 revenue streams: tiered subscription & B2B. Since launch in 2018, we've signed Quiqup, our first B2B client, joined WeWork incubator, giving us access to 300k members and seen organic growth in our userbase with international reach: currently 46% US, 41% UK, 9% CAN, 3% AUS and 2% Germany.

Work wellness is a £43B global market. Our immediate revenue focus is 10% of the £240M UK startup market.

In 2019 our plan is to increase our userbase by investing in marketing and further developing content to trigger product revenue and sponsored content.

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