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OneLane is an app based family transportation service employing vetted female guardians to drive children to school and activities, easing congestion and saving time. Established in 2015 and initially operating in London, OneLane’s team hails from JustEat, Groupon and E-Car Club.

  • 500+ families already registered
  • Customers are using the service 8 - 14 times per month
  • Disrupting a market worth £8.1bn
  • Estimated turnover in 2017 is expected to be £1.5m
Information Due to on-going conversations with investors One Lane's pitch has been granted an extension until 11:59pm on the 21/09/2016.


OneLane is a mobile app service that allows parents to book Guardians to drive their children to school & daily activities with add-on services such as carpooling and wraparound childcare. The service is pre-booking only, the Guardians are all DBS-checked childcare professionals (nannies, teachers, nurses), and families receive the same Guardian(s) regularly.

Problem addressed - parents of all backgrounds juggle schedules and struggle with alternatives to get their children to school & daily activities (sports, music classes, appointments, etc.). For example, come 8.30am, an extra million parents get into their cars to drive their children to school, clogging up roads. Up to 50% of children are still driven to primary school. OneLane takes over this task and helps reduce parents’ commute by up to 1-1.5hr per day, potentially freeing 20-30 hours per month. From our research we estimate that OneLane’s carpooling service could reduce school run traffic congestion - 40% of parents surveyed would consider using OneLane.

Opportunity - OneLane is disrupting a market we estimate to be worth approximately £8.1bn. Our early customers use the service up to 8-14 times per month, which could result in a potential customer lifetime value of £3600. Founded in 2015, our team has developed a proprietary mobile app platform, including a customer app, a Guardian app, and server-side software, which we believe will be easily scalable. Next is predictive monitoring ability and a recommendation engine for our carpooling feature.

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