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NOVATON develops and sells clean tech systems for the $176bn aquaculture industry, combining the latest development in land & sea-based aquaculture with renewable energy. In 2018, NOVATON have closed sales contracts for 5 pilot projects, when successful these are estimated to be valued at $1.2m each.

  • Technology for growing antibiotic-free seafood on land
  • Exclusive distribution and use of unique solar panels in aquaculture
  • Scientific board with renowned scientists from cleantech & aquaculture
  • Salmo Solar, a joint product developed with leading Norwegian company
Information Novaton is the trading name for Novaton Erneuerbare Energien AG, a company registered in Zurich, Switzerland.


NOVATON is active in the $176bn aquaculture market, combining the latest development in land and sea-based aquaculture with renewable energy, which is a niche sector growing at 4-5% per year. NOVATON has developed a combination of cleantech and advanced water operating systems for furthering the industry's sustainability, producing healthy seafood.

NOVATON'S core product offering is marketed in Asia and the Middle East during 2018 as a Hybrid System for Super Intensive White Shrimp production sold to farmers. NOVATON's systems blend Zero Water Discharge (ZWD) with Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS). This clean technology is used to locally produce antibiotic free, environmentally sustainable shrimp. The energy needed on the farm is provided by clean solar roofing. NOVATON calls this "Positive Aquaculture"!

NOVATON started to market the product offering in Feb 2018, leveraging the company's existing network. Between February and August 2018, NOVATON has closed sales contracts for 5 aquaculture pilot projects for shrimp production in the Middle East, and is discussions with a potential customer in the Far East to follow.

Once the pilot projects are successful the clients may progress to full 50-tonne annual production, which we estimate to be valued at $1.2m each. NOVATON is now concentrating resources to construct these shrimp farms.

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