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NEXU connects people to businesses by harnessing the power of word-of-mouth recommendations, providing rewards directly to the people who help the businesses grow. The web-based platform is starting a soft-launch in Bristol and aims to turn everyone into an influencer who can earn commissions.

  • We all make recommendations, so why not get paid for them?
  • Worldwide Patent Applications Pending, working proof-of-concept
  • Aim to disrupt the e-commerce market worth trillions in sales
  • Funding to improve user experience


NEXU uses friend-to-friend and word-of mouth recommendations to connect people with products and services, motivated by the chance to earn automatic commissions.

The problem:

Consumers are increasingly frustrated with the bombardment of advertising, much of it totally irrelevant and businesses always need to find new ways to get noticed.

The solution:

Nothing beats a recommendation from the people we know and trust! Word-of-mouth marketing is widely regarded to be the best form of advertising a business can have. NEXU aims to bring this into the digital age. NEXU tracks and manages peoples shares on social media and referrals on chat platforms, connecting people to businesses via recommendations to create a dynamic user-driven marketplace for organic advertising and to drive sales.

How does it work?

1. Join for free, buy products and services with savings, perks and cash-back

2. Recommend offers via existing chat and social platforms

3. Earn automatic commissions

We provide businesses with free advertising but charge them a fee upon sales. Part of that fee is used to pay a commission to the person who generated the sale.

In live development since 2016, we are starting a soft launch in Bristol and are funding to improve the user experience and expand functionality.

Our vision is for NEXU to become the world-leading user-driven e-commerce platform.

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To see the rest of the NEXU pitch, join now.
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