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Nanusens is in a unique position to provide the World’s smallest sensors. Up to 10x smaller than current offerings, freeing up valuable space. This is very significant for earbuds, where space is tight & there is a need for many sensors. The earbud market is predicted to be 3B units/year in 3 years.

  • Delivering samples in Q4 this year as proof of volume production
  • Our nanosensors solve the problem of earbuds’ short battery life
  • Working with the Bluetooth chip vendors so they choose our sensors
  • Upcoming government grants means could be our last funding round


Nanusens is developing integrated circuits with built-in nano-sensors. They are designed to have mechanical moving parts with submicron feature sizes, which are implemented in many different products for motion detection, accelerometers and many more.

The key requirements for this consumer industry of sensor chips (smartphones and earbuds mainly) are small size, high performance, high reliability and low cost.

Nanusens has patent pending technology to solve these challenges. Our competition uses proprietary manufacturing processes, which we believe has limited production capability, higher cost, and uses legacy equipment. This equipment is unable to build submicron feature sizes into the devices, leading to higher cost, bigger size and lower performance. At Nanusens we use an existing standard manufacturing process called CMOS, which is typically used for conventional solid state chips and therefore do not have any mechanical moving parts inside. By using this process, we benefit from the existing large economy of scale of these fabs, leading to lower cost, smaller size and better performance.

Our first target is the mobile phone industry, which sees around 1.5bn smartphones sold per year. And we have added another rapidly growing target market, earbuds. It is served mainly by the same companies, and requires even smaller chips, which we believe we can do better than anybody else.

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