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Nanusens pre-emption
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Nanusens is in a unique position to provide the World’s smallest sensors. Up to 10x smaller than current offerings, freeing up valuable space. This is very significant for earbuds, where space is tight & there is a need for many sensors. The earbud market is predicted to be 3B units/year in 3 years.

  • Delivering samples in Q4 this year as proof of volume production
  • Our nanosensors solve the problem of earbuds’ short battery life
  • Working with the Bluetooth chip vendors so they choose our sensors
  • Upcoming government grants means could be our last funding round
Information This is a private pre-emption pitch open to the company's existing investors only. It is therefore not necessary for Crowdcube to approve this pitch as a financial promotion. As Crowdcube has not carried out any due diligence on this pitch, the Due Diligence Charter does not apply. Investors should carry out their own due diligence and take professional advice where necessary. Investors who choose to participate in this funding round should read all available documentation before investing.


We solve the problem of earbuds’ battery life being annoyingly short. We do this by shrinking some key components, the sensors, to free up space for more batteries. Today’s sensors take up 4mm3 each. Our breakthrough technology shrinks each sensor to just 1mm3.

We solve another problem for earbud designers. They want to pack more sensors into earbuds to give more features – noise cancelling, head gesture control, etc. to give better user experience. But space is at a premium. With our ultra-small sensors, they can pack in sensors without a space problem.

How do we do this? At the moment, the sensors are made using proprietary processes for every design which is expensive. Our breakthrough is to make the sensors inside the chip using the standard production processes (CMOS) used in the giant chip making facilities around the world. This gives us huge economies of scale and will enable us to make our sensors in the hundreds of millions to meet demand. Our discussions with Bluetooth vendors indicate that orders could hit these kinds of volumes very quickly.

We have Proof of Concept of first products. Engineering samples to the market by Sept 2019, and we will start high volume production by mid 2020. Conservatively, this will give some testimonial revenue of about 8k€ by the end of 2019, while for the next 3 years, turnover will grow to at least 9M€, 57M€ and 151M€ per annum.

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Nanusens pre-emption

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