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My Tree has launched the first exclusive Memorial Park in the UK that allows individuals to plant a tree with the ashes of their loved one. With natural burials seeing an increase in popularity, My Tree is raising to respond to interest for their first 30-acre site and aiming to launch 3 more by the end of 2020.

  • 1/4 of England’s local authorities anticipate cemeteries full by 2023
  • Discussions with DoubleTree Hilton and First Funerals
  • First site now open with plans to open 3 more by end of 2020
  • Only exclusive UK memorial park to offer ashes burial with planting of tree


As the UK faces a growing mortality rate (3% increase from 2017-2018), and many people still request a traditional burial, cemeteries are running out of space. It is anticipated by a quarter of England’s local authorities that the cemeteries they managed will be full by 2023.

The Founder of My Tree, Alex Jovy, started to consider alternatives to the traditional burial after his father passed away in 2011, and he chose to plant a tree in his memory instead.

We are seeing a growth in the popularity of natural burial sites (an increase of 525% to 350 in the last 20 years), and felt there was an opportunity to provide people with an alternative, cheaper burial option.

This year, we launched our first park 5 miles outside of Reading, and 38 miles from London. We estimate that we have the capacity to plant over 6000 trees, with a potential expansion opportunity of another 15 acres.

Of all the memorial tree parks that exist in the UK, we’re the only ones to offer a site exclusively for the burial of ashes with the planting of a young tree.

Since our launch, we have been approached by Lodge Brothers and Firstfunerals, alongside an organisation that could formalize the carbon credits we create with the tree planting.

We are raising to advertise the site, along with doing more pre-planting to maximize usage of the space and to support our plans to open 3 more sites by the end of 2020.

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