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My Friends Room
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MyFriendsRoom is a platform where members can rent travel accommodation from their friends and friends of friends. Vacation rentals from your own network is a reassuring alternative to renting from strangers in this high growth market.

  • The global vacation rental market is predicted to reach $169.7 billion
  • Proof of concept achieved (250 members). Ready for growth.
  • Combines social networking and vacation rentals
  • 76% would be prepared to pay to borrow a friend's house on vacation


MyFriendsRoom is a place where friends can feel free to approach each other for accommodation when traveling.

Our research suggests that there is a market for travellers who would like to rent somewhere more personal than a hotel or vacation rental. So we had the idea of renting from someone you know or who has been recommended by a friend. Vacation rentals is a growing worldwide market and we believe there is an opportunity in the friends networking sector.

Many of us have friends and friends of friends all over the world, online, but may not feel comfortable asking to stay with them. We have developed the MyFriendsRoom platform How it works is very simple:

1) Sign up and invite your friends to connect with you.

2) View your friends on a world map and search for places to stay from friends and friends of friends.

3) Search for properties to rent in more than 8 European countries.

4) Book a place to stay using our booking system.

5) Share your travel photos, videos and blogs with your friends on our platform.

MyFriendsRoom grew organically to 230 members and has made it’s first sale. We have properties listed in: UK, Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria. Within 3 years we hope to have at least 15,000 listings across Europe. In time, we aim to have teams in 5 travel hot spots in the UK and Europe.

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My Friends Room

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