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Described by Google and the Guardian as one of the UK’s top startups, and by Vogue as “Tinder for mums”, Mush introduces mums to other mums nearby with kids the same age. With our active community growing fast, big brands like Johnson & Johnson are already paying to be on the platform.

  • Launched in the Spring and already 30,000 mums in the community
  • First brand partnership with Johnson & Johnson
  • Featured by Apple as a ‘new app we love’ & since selected as 'hot' app
  • Heralded as revolutionary by reviewers, from midwives to Mail Online


Mush is a new platform answering a universal need. Being a mum is many brilliant things but it can be extremely lonely: mush exists to connect mums locally. 80% of mums experience feelings of isolation and 50% say they find it hard to meet mum friends nearby.

Our mission is very simple, that ‘no mum does it alone’. We want to make being a mum more brilliant by providing a local community for mums to have fun, swap advice, share events and solve many of the challenges having kids throws at you!

Mush is a social business with huge commercial opportunity. Advertisers are looking for new effective ways to engage with this very valuable demographic and yet there has been little innovation in this space. We can provide a premium, uncluttered and focused environment where brands can be highly targeted in their messaging.

Mush launched in May and we've had a superb start. We've been picked out by Facebook, Google and Apple for our impressive launch and have already secured our first brand partnership with Johnson & Johnson. We've had coverage in mum mags and national press focusing on our unique offering. Best of all we've had great responses from mums saying we've helped make their lives a lot more fun.

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