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Pre-money valuation

At Muse, we believe every second spent on admin that could be automated is time wasted. Our solution? A data-driven financial management app. With access to innovative invoice financing & other clever tools, Muse puts business owners firmly in the driver’s seat – and now we’re ready to accelerate.

  • London & Partners’ Business Growth Programme, Autumn 2019
  • Made the Disruption50 "Ones to watch" list
  • App is live and available on the App Store and Google Play
  • Partnership with Prime 5 Finance Limited invoice finance facility


Muse was born out of a big – yet sadly common - problem. When our founder Ann Juliano started a new business, much of her time was squandered on admin: picking through outgoings and chasing invoices rather than driving growth.

There are 5.6 million SMEs in the UK - but admin and late payments come at a huge cost. Billions, in fact (every year, £39.9 bn is lost in productivity from time spent on administration). That’s why Muse is on a mission to make financial empowerment a reality for all business owners.

What do we believe business owners need in order to proactively control their finances? One word: Muse. Our smart financial management app generates clear snapshots of a company’s finances, provides a real-time dashboard showing all bank balances, and even offers rapid access to alternative sources of finance.

The Muse cash flow forecasting tool is now live (available by exclusive invitation); banking and credit card integrations are complete and in beta. But that’s just the beginning. Capital is required so that we can expand our core offering. With your help, we will develop sales channels and provide an e-money account card in three currencies, making Muse a one-stop shop for all small business needs.

Join us now so that we can help businesses thrive – not just survive.

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