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Recently named as one of EU Fastest Growing Companies by FT, Madrid-based Muroexe designs footwear products combining elegant designs with sports shoe performance. During its first 5 years of activity, Muroexe has sold over 230,000 pairs and is preparing to accelerate international growth.

  • 2018 Revenue of 3.1m€ (+30% YoY) and -0.08m€ EBITDA
  • 55% of revenue comes from Ecommerce and 20% from international markets
  • Backed by Leading VC  JME Ventures, who is investing again in this round
  • Preparing for US expansion (subsidiary established in January 2019)
Information The total amount raised by Muroexe is £2.5m (€2.8m). 20 Direct Investments for a total amount of £1.3m have not been reflected in the progress bar.


Five years ago, we realized there was a generation unattended by the big footwear companies: people from 30 to 50 years old who need very comfortable but elegant footwear. For this reason, we designed what we think is the perfect footwear, combining the trainers' technical performance with the minimalist and elegant look of a shoe. We work to dress creatives, entrepreneurs and young professionals all around the world.

We're a DNB (Digitally Native Brand) with the main focus on Online. E-commerce sales represent more than 15% of total retail market in countries such as Germany, France or the US, and continues growing.

Although we were born in Spain, our main market, from our beginnings we work to expanding the brand in the global market. That's why Germany is our second country in terms of online sales. Nowadays, our international online sales represent more than 20% of ecommerce annual sales in 2018.

We have a customer-centric focus: we create unique relationships with our clients, increasing loyalty and repeat purchase rate, and turning them into the best brand ambassadors.

These are our next steps:

- Boost European markets (Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Portugal)

- Launch the brand in the United States

- We aim to open up to 5 flagship stores in prime commercial locations

- Launch + 30 new references of footwear products, fashion and accessories

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