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MPower, a fintech and impact start-up, provides access to clean energy in emerging markets by combining financing, plug & play solar products and its software & data solutions. Based on a B2B model, MPower has reached over 2000 end-users and generates both positive impact and financial profitability.

  • Operational in 3 markets (Togo, Cameroon and Zambia)
  • Agreement with 9 local partners & increased sales to €584k & -€427k EBITDA in 2019
  • Software is live, digitizes operations & acquires end-customer data
  • Backed by Innoenergy, Techn. Fund, UK-Aid / Energy4Impact
Information £234,540 of the above total is investment from an institution; the Company may complete this investment before the Crowd portion of the round completes, but all shares shall be issued on the same terms.


Emerging markets are home to some of the world’s fastest-growing economies, yet the majority still suffer from significant under-electrification. Simultaneously, prices for solar energy and storage solutions are falling. This convergence is a window of opportunity with a global market size of over $65 billion.

To unlock the market potential, we set-up a B2B model that combines the local distribution networks and market knowledge of our partners with our expertise.

We provide:

1. High-quality solar products (hardware)

2. Innovative financing models

3. Software.

Our software has several core functions: to digitise our partners’ operations and track products enabling data-driven decisions, to collect end-user data for financing and cross-selling opportunities, and to allow us to develop credit profiles and rating schemes of our end-users allowing us to mitigate default risks.

We are targeting households, SMEs and rural populations with the aim to generate quantifiable social and environmental impact in a financially sustainable manner! Our revenues are driven by hardware sales and will be complemented by financing and SaaS.

We launched operations August 2018 and are now active in 3 markets, have supplied 2000+ solar systems, grew to a team of 17 FTEs and raised EUR 2m+ in equity and working capital.

To push the model to the next level and expand to new markets, we need you!

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