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Ranked 3rd fastest growing UK business in 2017's Deloitte Fast50, MoveGB is one membership to over 6,000 activity providers and has 350,000 registered users. Piloted successfully in just a few cities, MoveGB is keeping people active, happy and healthy for life.

  • Own a part of the fastest growing fitness startup in the UK
  • Over 6,000 activity providers and 350,000+ registered users UK-wide
  • £5.6m revenue in 2018, with 204% compound annual growth since 2013
  • £4.2m+ invested from Downing & Accelerated Digital Ventures this year


If most people want to stay healthy and active, why does the health and fitness industry only keep customers engaged for a few weeks?

Move's founder is one of the leading authorities on fitness consumer behaviour and retention.

Variety and convenience are the secrets to staying active.

Move's business model combines a subscription content platform (e.g. Netlfix, Spotify) and a digital marketplace (e.g. JustEat, AirBnB). After launching in just a few cities, it has become one of the UK's fastest growing businesses.


- Over 2800% increase in company value (2013-2017)

- Ranked UK's 3rd fastest growing business (2017 Deloitte Fast 50), 39th in Times Tech Track 100 (2018)

- 204% compound annual growth (2013-17)

- £5.6m annual revenue (-£2.9m EBITDA), investing in growth

- £2.9m annual revenue from Bristol alone, operating within the £4bn health & wellbeing market

- One of UK’s largest fitness networks with over 6,000 activity providers and 350,000 registered users

- Provides for 10% of the total active population in Bristol, with 800+ activity providers

MoveGB is a purpose-driven business set to expand across the UK & rest of the world. We are grateful for the partners & members that have been part of the journey and wish to offer the opportunity for our community and the public to be a part of our success story by becoming a shareholder alongside institutional investors.

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