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Money Dashboard
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Money Dashboard is the UK’s leading personal finance management app and empowers over 100,000 people to make better financial decisions and achieve their goals. The company is backed by Calculus Capital, the Best EIS Fund Manager 3 years running.

  • Won Best Personal Finance App at British Bank Awards
  • Attracted over 100k users already
  • Secured landmark distribution deal to reach 7m new users
  • Also backed by former executives at Deutsche Bank and Barclays Wealth
Information New milestone - Money Dashboard has reached over 110% of its target


Money Dashboard is established as the UK’s leading personal financial management app, serving over 100k consumers, and won the 2017 British Bank Award for best personal finance app.

32m adults in the UK regularly bank online, but very few feel in control of their finances. In fact, 19m report that they do not have an approach to budgeting that they feel works (Money Advice Service, 2015). Money Dashboard is designed to fill this gap.

It does so by pulling in bank statement data from any account across any UK bank. It then automatically organises the spending data. Armed with this insight, alongside budgeting and forecasting tools, customers have the TrueView™of their finances, and are able to make better decisions on how to spend their money.

The company generates revenue by creating insightful market research from anonymised bank statement data, for example, by helping hedge funds predict revenue announcements of listed companies. Money Dashboard has very quickly gained traction with its target market, and counts the world’s most prestigious asset managers as subscribers.

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Money Dashboard

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