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Money Dashboard
Pre-money valuation

Money Dashboard's award-winning money management app helps over 200,000 people master their money. The company has a rich databank of anonymised banking data & has generated over £970k from leading asset managers in 2019 alone. Investment will supercharge user growth & unlock new data markets.

  • 1,000,000+ bank accounts connected
  • Strategic partnership with GoCompare
  • Secured FCA Open Banking license
  • Increased revenue by 77% 2018-2019


We’ve been helping people master their money since 2010. Today, we proudly serve over 200,000 users who have established us as one of the UK’s leading money management apps. We connect to 60+ financial institutions so users can connect all their accounts in one place to track spend, plan ahead, and achieve their goals.

We keep the app free for consumers by generating revenue from insightful market research based on anonymised banking data. This gives our data clients critical insight into how businesses like Deliveroo or Uber are performing. We’re already generating over £970k in annual revenue 2018/19 FY(EBITDA -£958,966), but the more users we attract, the more valuable our data business will become (with a market set to be worth $7bn by 2020). And the more data clients we attract the more we can invest in building the best money management app the world has ever seen. It’s a powerful network effect that sets us apart and fuels our growth.

We think differently and we think big. We’re one of the pioneers of the Open Banking movement, having formed the influential trade association, fDATA, which forced the banks to open up data that had been locked down for generations. Having succeeded in creating a market, we are raising investment to build on our first-mover advantage and win the hearts and minds of millions of consumers in the UK and beyond!

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Money Dashboard

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