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Medics2You's app connects private patients with expert healthcare professionals around the world via a smart device. With user demand and a pilot project underway in Nigeria, Medics2You is ready to take their hybrid telehealth platform to over 100m people unable to access quality healthcare.

  • Target market forecast to grow by 4.5% to 290 million people by 2020
  • Received letters of intent from 3 B2B and interset from 100+ B2C users
  • Partnership with Lantum; access to over 18k doctors and 3k clinicians
  • Africans spend billions annually on outbound healthcare tourism


Healthcare in developing countries is lacking with 1 in 10 medications found to be counterfeit in developing countries in 2017 and Africa faces an unmatched disease burden. Africans spend billions annually on outbound healthcare tourism, with $500m-1bn in Nigeria alone.

It sounds gloomy, but there's hope: 250m Africans now have access to a smartphone. Medics2You are launching a platform to connect private patients with 18,500+ healthcare professionals from the comfort of their home or office within 10 mins, 6 days/week. We will offer affordable flexi plans, charging £39 for one-off video consultations and £69.99 monthly subscriptions for two consultations plus prescription and diagnostics access from vetted healthcare hubs, and in future we hope to also refer patients who need medical procedures to accredited hospitals abroad and organise itineraries e.g. flights, accommodation, subsistence and other concierge services.

We completed our prototype in Sept 2018 and published the downloadable app in Dec 2018, having received letters of intent from 3 businesses and interest in the product from 100+ customers.

We are first focusing on Nigeria; Africa’s fastest-growing population of 46 million+ middle-class with the aim to roll out across the continent.

We seek investment to allow us to complete the web portal, grow the team, set up local hubs, and kick off our marketing activities.

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