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Medic Bleep
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Medic Bleep replaced pagers in a NHS Hospital and is used by 4,200 of their staff. It is saving each nurse & each junior doctor an estimated 21 minutes & 48 minutes per shift. This coincides with the Department of Health calling for a ban on pagers. If implemented across the NHS it could free up the time to care for est 11,000 nurses.

  • Estimated average efficiency saving of £2.5 million per NHS Trust per year
  • Peer reviewed paper; saving 21 & 48 mins for each nurse & doctor/shift
  • Over £2 million investment to date by Directors
  • NHS to remove pagers by 2021; Medic Bleep work cited by Dep of Health
Information For tax purposes, Medic Bleep shall draw down funds and issue shares for £300,000 from two investors whilst the pitch is live. These shares are issued on the same basis as that available to Crowdcube investors and therefore this investment has been reflected on the progress bar.


Medic Bleep is a secure and real-time communication solution. It enables doctors, nurses and the wider team to communicate and collaborate more effectively, accelerating productivity, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes.

Replacing traditional pagers, switchboard, landline and fax methodology which exist across the NHS and healthcare system globally. These communication modalities are one way and one to one. Medic Bleep reimagines this for the healthcare system.

Our research suggests that poor inter team communication is the primary cause for 21% of patient harm; meaning a possible 400,000 episodes of potential harm a year, in the NHS alone.

There are over 1.1 million staff in the NHS alone and this is a challenge which clearly needs resolving; reflected by the 16,000 downloads by UK doctors and nurses to date.

We have been highly commended as the Healthcare Technology Solution of the Year by Industry journalists.

Our peer review paper and work has been cited by Department of Health as an example for Hospitals across the NHS when introducing the ban on pager use in the NHS for 2021 and mentioned in the House of Commons.

For regulatory reasons, we only allow communication to occur via the app if the Trust/CCG has signed up to its use across the organisation

We aim to solve this challenge for over 30% of the NHS in the next 3 years and work with healthcare providers globally.

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Medic Bleep

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