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Marloe Watch Company
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Established in 2015, Marloe Watch Company is an independent designer and producer of wrist watches based in Henley-on-Thames. Profitable every year and having sold over 4,700 watches globally, it now seeks investment to scale its proven business model and become the first ever customer-owned watch company.

  • Profitable in each year of trading (£340k revenue, £45k net profit in FY March 2018/19) 
  • Achieved over 100 pieces of positive press coverage
  • Sold over 4,700 watches worldwide 
  • 50% increase in e-commerce sales to March 2019 vs prior 12 months



5 years ago, in a moment of curiosity, changing the battery in a quartz fashion watch led to discovering the disappointing reality of modern-day watches - a small plastic movement inside a hollow shell. All the craftsmanship had gone in favour of what we believe is superficial, high mark-up, mass-market production. We saw an opportunity to do it differently.


As a design-led business we pride ourselves on the quality of our component parts. As a result, our products speak for themselves; our track record of producing high-quality, affordable timepieces means we occupy a fresh space within a crowded industry.


In 2018 the global watch market was valued at $47bn and will reach $72bn by 2025 - an impressive 6.2% CAGR. In addition, the UK is leading the world in e-commerce sales as a % of total retail sales, this is boosting demand for new products and opens up enormous market potential.


Following a highly successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016, raising £180k, we launched our website selling direct to the customer. We then featured in a BBC article showcasing the British watch industry which brought us great recognition - we've since run a second Kickstarter campaign raising £190k and built a reputable brand based on quality and design.


To become the first customer-owned watch brand recognised globally for design and quality.

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Marloe Watch Company

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