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Mappix addresses every school's need to monitor pupil data on one user-friendly software platform. Designed by a teacher and well reviewed by early adopters and repeat clients, Mappix supports teachers without adding to the workload crisis in the education sector (YouGov poll, 2017). Tried, tested and ready to hit the market nationwide.

  • So far, 95% of schools that try it, buy it!
  • Customers are already endorsing Mappix, and providing testimonials
  • The Education Tech market is worth $17.7 billion, growing globally
  • The company calculates the wider schools market at £30m annually
Information The pitch has been extended for a final 2 weeks and will now expire at midnight on the 14th June 2018.



The purpose of Mappix is to make teachers' lives easier!

Designed by a teacher, for teachers, the system has been created to provide educators with any and all relevant information to help them to assess how well their pupils are doing. Our simple-to-use, smart marksheets populate graphs and charts that give headteachers a clear overview of whole-school achievement. School leaders are expected to monitor whole-school data, particularly during Ofsted inspections; Mappix makes this process easier, supporting teaching staff during potentially stressful periods.

Based on the premise that data is only reliable if the source information is accurate, and that source information can only be accurate if it is easy to record, the creator of Mappix is on a mission to deliver a user-friendly interface that is intuitive to navigate.

Results from a recent customer survey (July 2017):

- Rated 4.4 (of 5) 'User-friendliness'

- Rated 4.9 (of 5) 'Quality of Training'

- Rated 4.4 (of 5) 'Meeting the Needs of School Leaders'

- 92% respondents who tried other systems preferred Mappix


We will aim for 15% market share by Yr 5, allowing for steady growth and well-managed company infrastructure. However, Mappix has been designed for scalability (e.g. remote access), so growth at a quicker rate is welcome.

Investment is invited for development, infrastructure and marketing. Commercial loans exist.

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