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Manufacture 2030
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Manufacture 2030 is a digital platform with first mover advantage. We’re on a mission to slash resource use in global manufacturing by 2030. We’ve built a cloud-based tool called M2030 bee that helps manufacturers increase profits by cutting operational costs and environmental impacts.

  • First mover advantage in an estimated global market worth > $1 Billion
  • Clients incl. Mars, Interface and ABP Group, now ready to scale
  • Supported by Innovate UK, US Dept. of Energy and Uni. of Cambridge
  • £1.5m already invested into software & product development



According to our research the manufacturing sector and its 17m factories, are responsible for 1/3rd of global energy consumption and 36% of the world’s carbon emissions. The resource efficiency of these factories varies enormously. In the UK, best in class factories improve by 7% per year. The industry average is only 1%.

Most factories don’t have the capacity, knowledge, or tools to manage the hundreds of small actions needed to improve, and hiring consultants is just too expensive. So billions of dollars are wasted and significant damage is done to the environment.


M2030 bee was developed to solve this problem. The easy-to-use software tool makes it simpler for manufacturers to improve the resource efficiency of their operations, increasing profits by cutting costs and environmental impacts.

Our tech sits in the cloud, so customers can start quickly without the need for IT integration and it’s co-designed with engineers to deliver quicker results, with less fuss.

Our revenue is based on the software as a service (SaaS) model with licences sold per factory, gaining scale via multi-site users, supply chains and expansion into an untapped global market we estimate to be worth >$1 Billion p.a.

With a proven product and blue-chip clients, we are now raising capital to accelerate our growth. Together, lets take resource efficient manufacturing to the next level.

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Manufacture 2030

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