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Launched in November 2018, Mammalo is a marketplace for on-demand local services delivered at home. Backed by leading investors, and with over +2000 users in less than 3 months, Mammalo allows customers to search, compare and book a wide range of industry experts, at a tap of their finger.

  • Rapid bookings growth. Gained +2000 customers in as little as 3 months
  • 100% of bookings have received 5-star reviews.
  • Won £50k in Web Services credit for Aruba Cloud Startup "Best Startup" Award.
  • Mammalo launched its service 6 months ago and we are ready to scale it.


Mammalo is an essential tool in assisting and easing the pain of completing mundane tasks in bustling cities such as London. Through a seamless ‘peer-to-peer’ payment process, Mammalo allows local individual experts to showcase their portfolio, prices and reviews and for customers to pick, contact and book them.

We believe that when it comes to services, searching google, social media and word-of-mouth is time consuming and can be misleading and unreliable. There is not a clear overview of the services available, who can deliver them and at what cost.

What makes Mammalo unique is its ability to offer a wide range of locally sourced professional services in one location and its potential to deliver last-minute. We believe that this edge has resulted in a sustainable competitive advantage with a product that aims to set the market standard.

Acquiring +2000 users in 3 months and registering multiple bookings since February 2019 shows the promising potential of Mammalo. Your investment will help us supercharge our growth to 3 major urban cities by 2023 and build our mobile App, so we can offer our community an even better customer journey.

It is envisaged that there will be several further fundraises as our expansion demands more capital. We anticipate an exit through a market leader looking to expand within this industry, fitting within their current product portfolio.

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