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LUX Rewards
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LUX utilises the latest in card-linking technology to power their premium rewards scheme that gives users up to 10% of their restaurant spend back in luxury rewards. Through card issuer partnerships, LUX is on a mission to scale to millions of users. Investors include Just Eat Plc.

  • Card-linking tech to enable a seamless user experience
  • Helps restaurants to attract higher spending customers
  • Scalable to millions of users via card issuer partnerships
  • Incredible value for users: up to 10% back in rewards
Information LUX Rewards has raised £25,000 prior to launching their campaign on Crowdcube which is represented on the progress bar for clarity. This investment is on the same terms as offered to Crowdcube investors, of which, £25,000 has been drawn down by the company.


Card-linking is a multi-billion dollar industry which is growing rapidly, with almost half of merchants reporting >100% annual growth in transactions. LUX is applying this disruptive technology to the UK restaurant market.

Card-linking technology creates a seamless experience; users automatically earn up to 10% of their restaurant spend back in LUX points when they pay with a registered credit or debit card. They can choose from 100+ luxury experiences, gifts & charity donations.

This technology will enable us to scale. By partnering with debit & credit cards, LUX can automatically register millions of cardholders across the UK, without having to spend a penny on consumer advertising. Five of these card issuers have stated their intent to automatically enrol their cardholders onto LUX. These deals alone provide the potential for LUX to access to millions of customers.

LUX helps high quality restaurants & bars to ditch the discounts. A premium alternative that rewards high-spending customers, without devaluing restaurants’ brands. In exchange, restaurants pay up to 15% in commission; £120 from an £800 bill.

To date, 50+ restaurants have joined including Browns, JKS & Mews of Mayfair. Also, 20+ banks, accountants, law firms & consulting firms have agreed to distribute LUX. Now, by launching card-linking & forming partnerships with card issuers, LUX is primed & ready to scale rapidly.

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LUX Rewards

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